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Buildsworth’s best in class quality control systems integrate each of our work streams cohesively in order to provide our customers with the best possible project results.



We pride ourselves on being able to incorporate new and innovative construction techniques in every project we are involved in. Through the use of the latest technology, we are able to provide value to our customers by being able to maintain an up-to date unit cost database and by utilizing the latest estimating and quantity take-off software. 



Each one of our professionals brings a unique work experience. Our team of experts are at our customer’s disposal and will provide the help, guidance and specialized attention required to meet your project needs.



We understand that safety is paramount and is our number one priority. At Buildsworth, we work with the most stringent safety standards to maintain the highest level of control in each of the projects we are a part of.

Our Services


Pre-construction & Estimating

Buildsworth excels in providing cost-effective pre-construction services to value-oriented clients. In keeping with our vision of developing loyal customers, through relentless customer service, Buildsworth has established an outstanding pre-construction department led by a team of engineers, project management staff, quantity surveyors and professional estimators. Together, these professionals pursue Buildsworth’s chosen projects with determination.

Buildsworth has added value to its clients by inserting the Value Engineering protocol in the pre-construction effort. Alongside, Buildsworth has incorporated new techniques and use of technology into the pre-construction phase. Using the latest estimating and quantity take-off software, keeping an up-to-date unit cost database, and having excellent relationships with subcontractors are all ways that Buildsworth’s pre-construction department is leading the way for Buildsworth’s customers.

Design/Build Services

Many customers need turn-key services, and wish to avoid the time required to hire both an architect and a construction firm. Buildsworth can successfully team up with a group of qualified architects, providing design services and a guaranteed maximum price, saving owners time and money with one contract.

Buildsworth has relationships with numerous architectural firms, engineering consultants and subcontractors in nearly every market in the country. These valued and trusted advisors regularly come alongside Buildsworth to assist in complicated and/or fast-track projects. The Design/Build delivery method is perfectly suited for taking advantage of these relationships.

General Contracting Sectors

Buildsworth participates in the fixed-bid arena for projects in the public sector under select circumstances and in market sectors where fixed price contracts are still the norm.

Buildsworth’s is a self-perform construction contractor with a concrete and framing division. 

Construction Management

Buildsworth believes in the Construction Management (CM) approach and has successfully used this delivery method for many clients. The cost-plus approach to constructing a facility gives the owner an “open book” to view during the construction process.

Site Selection

Buildsworth is frequently called upon to perform consultative services for our customers. We have experience in managing the end-to-end process of selecting future development and construction locations throughout North America, implementing a process of zeroing in on specific sites that will meet our client’s needs and requirements.

Buildsworth’s sophisticated customer base often has the need to evaluate multiple sites in order to find a smart and ideal site development. Helping alleviate any hardace, Buildsworth Site Selection services can include:

● Coordination of soil borings and soil analysis

● Coordination of boundary surveys, title and easement searches, and topographic surveys

● Utility reviews, to verify that power, water and electricity are located nearby; and if not, what the cost ramifications are to bring them on site

● Coordination of municipal reviews, such as zoning compliance, site plan review, building application fees, and construction inspection protocol

Economic Development Assistance

Understanding the cost make-up and ramifications of one location over another, is just as important as selecting the deal site location for development and construction. Buildsworth’s efforts and expertise have resulted in capturing valuable tax and economic benefits for our clients.

Who we are


Buildsworth prides itself on being a 100% minority owned organization. We are a family owned general contracting firm that provides a variety of project delivery services. The Buildsworth Design partners strive for excellence by making every client our number one priority, no matter what your specific needs are. We have a team of professional experts that bring a unique work experience and pride themselves on maintaining the highest level of quality for each one of our clients.  


Let us help! Our team of experts will make your vision a reality. 


Give us a call and see why Buildsworth has been and continues to be a respected name within the construction industry.


Buildsworth provides construction management, general contracting, design-build and integrated project delivery services on projects small and large for a diverse group of customers. We constantly strive to exceed each client’s expectations through innovation, collaboration and best practices.

Our Philosophy

We aim to build beautiful, progressive buildings and homes that make you comfortable, while protecting the environment.

Our Mission

It is our mission to become the most trusted and recognized builder in America. 

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